Military Power and Ambition

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Military Power and Ambition
Military Power and Ambition (www.army.mil)

www.pewartanusantara.com – There is another world that one can imagine harmonious life but in reality, we found the opposite fact. War as the nature of human conflict always brought out a lot of misery. People die because the other intended to do so. In history, we could learn that the most noticeable reason why people killed in warfare is nothing other than the ambition of the leaders. This ambition is never more dangerous if one figure cannot centralize the power, especially military power.

In World War II, we saw how Hitler become so powerful in Germany. In the time he was able to command all national resources to invade the other near country. The popularity of Hitler in Germany cannot be separated from their ideas about “ethnic supremacy.” He believes that Germanic people were the chosen humankind with special gifts and abilities. Therefore, they think have the right to become the world leader. This ambition was supported by the socio-economic condition of Germany in the 1930s that needed innovative intervention by idealized leaders.

Military Power and Ambition 1
Military Power and Ambition (www.heritage.org)

As the lost country in World War I, Germany has to pay all the consequences. Certainly, this has made Germanic people give up their hope. At that times Hitler was young. He thought that to encourage dishonour people one must build a new vision through political platform. Shortly, Hitler’s political activism began as an orator that burned emotional superiority. This political trajectory enabled him to be more popular not only within German political elites but also in broad public discourse. And then, he initiates to establish the Nazi as a politico-military party. This party have an astonishing vision that is to make Germany great in the world. With centralized command system, Germany had an effective economic mechanism that produced adequate essential goods for people. Interestingly, almost all surplus from the national economy transferred to the military industry. Within this industry, they produce millions of ammunition, thousands of machine guns, tanks and bombing aeroplanes. Arguably, Germany thus became the strongest military power in Europe.

However, the supremacy ideology within the national party tends to encourage what we called “genocide” or ethnic cleansing. This is why many Jewish people leave Germany because the Nazi haunted and arrested them in concentration camps. Reliable investigation informed that this mass murderer killed around six million people and a hundred thousand people seek asylum abroad. What I want to point out is that ambition with a militaristic approach never makes our world better.

Right now, we witnessed the return of militaristic ambition. People around the world condemn Russia because Putin declares a kind of militaristic operation in Ukraine. Whatever the reason behind this, Putin did not have the right to invade or attack Ukraine territory. Pundits are attracted to comment on this situation and they provide strong opinion that Putin just want to strengthen his position in Russia and establish a new geopolitical constellation. But how about the Ukrainian civilian? Surely, they feel threatened. Despite they have a courageous leader to defend their sovereignty, million Ukrainian peoples seem to leave their country to seek safety place. We don’t know when they come back to their home until the military departs from their land.